The WASP and Nella

The CAF Wasp Squadron operates the AT-6 Nella seen below with Jan Doyle 44-W-4 in the rear seat (Oshkosh July 2017).

She appears as part of the Air Power History Tour and attends WASP Homecoming in Sweetwater, TX where she trained Wasp cadets from June 1943 until December 1944 and appears when able at special events. She offers rides as well as training time for those qualified.

The Squadron Education efforts include presentations, history recaps and classes as well as event appearances, following a Curriculum based on the SPUNKY guidelines for success.

She Tours with the Air Power History Tour, often parked next to the B-29 “Fifi”, making a visual representation of the WASP mascot , a female gremlin named “Fifinella”

The CAF WASP Squadron are CAF members that drive education using a three-tiered approach to inspire, aspire and mentor, focused on the WASP Guiding Principles: “be SPUNKY” – Be Self Confident, Be Positive, Be Unstoppable, Be Nice, Be Knowledgeable and Be Yourself. The Squadron creates and implements educational programs focused on the WASP Guiding Principles, in support of education efforts surrounding Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and historical events honoring veterans.

Nella has ongoing needs

She is one of the busiest CAF aircraft, therefore she needs regular maintenance that includes, but is by no means limited to

Oil filter / Tires every 200 hours
Oil testing / Tail wheel every 250 – 300 hours
Engine overhaul every 1200 hours
Repacked parachutes every 6 months
Repainting every 3-5 years
Wing walk tape every 2 years
Aging radios
Missing (permanently borrowed) or staticy headsets
ADS-B mandated by FAA
Instruments: upgrade for Digital Touch replacing heavier vacuum models
Refurbishing those that are cloudy or non/performing
Replace all lights with LED’s for longevity and brightness
Seats – cushioning and cover material
In addition, she has had several extensive restorations  that have been funded by many generous supporters.
The Squadron appreciates and is grateful to all who treasure and provide for Nella’s ongoing pristine condition. In addition to the maintenance restoration, a portion of Nella’s revenue must be set aside to cover the next engine overhaul, which will approach $100,000


If you would like to contribute to the Squadron’s efforts in sending Nella across the U.S., please click the DONATE button below.


To see Nella in stories and pictures look below at the 2022 Commemorative Air Force 12 Planes of Christmas campaign. This includes a WarTube webinar about WASP and Nella. Enjoy!


Telling Their Story

By re-telling the WASP story, we will provide a real world example of how one can overcome sexism and the challenges it creates through self-confidence and determination.

Proven Impact

The CAF WASP Squadron works to honor and educate utilizing the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

WASP Squadron

The CAF WASP Squadron are CAF members. They use a three-tiered approach to inspire, aspire and mentor, focused on the WASP Guiding Principles.

Real World Artifacts

The Commemorative Air Force operates the world’s largest collection of flying World War II aircraft. The very airplanes the WASP flew bring the story to life with a tangible connection to the past.