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Guiding Principles

Based on the lessons and character of the WASP, the CAF WASP Squadron outreach program focuses on the following six principles:



Be Self-Confident

Be sure of your abilities to complete the task at hand. Emulate positive traits of those whom you admire.


Be Positive

Have a good attitude and expect a successful outcome. Focus on positive self-talk – “I CAN do this!”


Be Unstoppable

Be unwavering in your dedication to complete your task or goal. Identify setbacks and obstacles and decide how best to overcome it.


Be Nice

Be kind and caring to others AND yourself. Identify opportunities to show support for others – and give yourself the same kind attention.


Be Knowledgeable

Learn and use the specific knowledge and skills that will help you reach your goal. Identify the steps needed to acquire that knowledge.


Be Yourself

Follow your heart – pay attention to your intuition – and be true to your beliefs and goals.