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Learn more about some of the women who served with the WASP

Shirley C. Kruse

Shirley C. Kruse Class 44-W-6   “My time spent as a WASP was a never to be forgotten adventure, a great preparation for the wonderful experience of all that my life was to become.” – Shirley C. Kruse   Shirley Kruse’s passion and interest in aviation began as a child. […]

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Mary “Marty” Wyall

Mary “Marty” Wyall Class 44-W-10    “We didn’t care so much about the pay or the recognition, We just wanted to help our country win the war.” – Marty Wyall   By her own recollection, being a WASP was the best thing that happened to Marty Wyall. Wyall graduated from […]

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Florence G. “Shutsy” Reynolds

Florence G. “Shutsy” Reynolds Class 44-W-5   Reynolds, though she does not fly anymore, is often awakened by dreams where she is back in the sky, at the controls of a military airplane, remembering the WASP motto, “We live in the wind and sand and our eyes are on the […]

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Dawn Seymour

Dawn Seymour Class 43-W-5   “I wanted to serve my country in a very active way.”- Dawn Seymour   Dawn Seymour graduated Cornell University in the Class of 1939. She was 22 years old, and while she had not had tremendous exposure to flying, she had a favorite tree to […]

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