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AT-6 “Nella”

The AT-6 "Nella"

Members of the CAF WASP Squadron fly the AT-6 Nella in airshows and display at events around the country in support of the mission of CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP. The aircraft is named after Fifinella, the mascot of the Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II. Nella was an advanced training aircraft used at the all-female Avenger Field in Sweetwater, TX where the WASP attended military flight training.

WASP Signed Panel in the AT-6

Flying Museum

Nella has had the privilege of flying several WASP during its tenure as the aircraft of the CAF WASP Squuadron. When one of these special guests takes a flight, the heroic, groundbreaking aviator signs her name to the aircraft’s luggage compartment making this “museum without walls” a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind artifact!

AT-6 Texan Specifications


North American Aviation


One Pratt & Whitney R-1340-49 radial piston engine rated at 600 hp for takeoff and 550 hp at 8,000 ft.

Fuel capacity

Internal fuel 111 US gallons


  • Wingspan 42 ft. 0 in.
  • Length 29 ft. 0 in.
  • Height 11 ft. 9 in.

Operational weights

Empty 3,900 lb.; maximum takeoff 5,155 lb.


  • Maximum level speed ‘clean’ 182 kt (210 mph) at 5,000 ft.; normal cruise 126 kt (145 mph)
  • Maximum range 546 nm (629 miles)
  • Service ceiling 24,000 ft.


Provisions for one forward-firing cowl-mounted .30 cal. machine gun, one wing mounted .30 cal. machine gun, and one trainable .30 cal. machine gun in the rear cockpit (SNJ only)