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2024 Upcoming Events:


Nella will be available for rides!

Each year, Nella appears at the National WASP WWII WASP Museum Homecoming Flyin

Below is the info for 2024

Homecoming at the National WWWII WASP Museum April 27-28

Find the details here:  https://www.waspmuseum.org/homecoming/       

Nella and numerous Squadron members, once again, to be at Homecoming;

This is a great place to:

  •  remember and honor the WASP,
  • enjoy the exhibits in the Museum
  • join families and friends of the WASP for a memorable event and Banquet


Book a ride for WASP Homecoming @ Sweetwater TX  April

If you have any difficulty, PLEASE call or text 214-244-0876 or email here Booking issue

THROUGHOUT the YEAR Nella can be found traveling, bringing the story of the WASP and the excitement of history  in partnership with the Air Power History Tour

          Check her locations and schedule https://www.airpowersquadron.org/


For all who ride in Nella in 2023, they will receive a Squadron decal; Nella will have them with her on Tour for distribution.



SQUADRON MERCHANDISE available to MEMBERS only    JOIN HERE–  To join the Squadron: https://cafwaspsquadron.org/join/

Decals for renewing Members   

For all who ride in Nella in 2023, they will receive a decal.

For all renewing members (membership renewal month is May), they too will receive a decal.  

                 Description:   4” in diameter, suitable for cars, trucks, airplanes, windows, RV’s, Motorcycles, etc.

Decals were provided courtesy of DeCal Works, Kingston IL


Shirts, jackets, caps, water bottles, backpack, etc

As a member you have access to a Squadron Merchandise store, where you can find a range of products.

The products you select will come with our patch like logo (see below).

Here is the link: https://waspsquadron.merchologysolutions.com/